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Amazing Tips and Interesting Ideas About Cosmetic Procedures

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Why You Should Consider Micro-blading to Augment Your Eyebrows

Ladies often spend a considerable amount of time trying to perfect the shape and look of their eyebrows. This can be a dedicated and finicky operation, with many an hour spent in front of the mirror. Due to the difficulty encountered here, some women sometimes consider cosmetic tattooing as a longer-term alternative. Yet did you know that there is an even better alternative here? This is something that can provide you with natural looking brows that will last for a period of years. What is this?

The Micro-blading Alternative

Micro-blading is a simple cosmetic procedure that will apply natural pigmentation right into the dermal skin layer. It's very different to those semi-permanent tattooing procedures, because it is manually performed and much more precise.

How Does It Work?

This procedure will be carried out by a practitioner who is experienced in the use of disposable micro-blades, the specific hand tool for this operation. Subtle pigments are applied using the hand tool to create the equivalent of brush strokes, to simulate the natural hair of the eyebrow.

The practitioner will aim to match the skin tone of the patient perfectly by placing the colour close to the skin's surface. None of the pigmentation escapes beneath the skin, as it might during a machine tattooing procedure.

How Personalised Can This Be?

The appearance can be very highly personalised, and the objective is to define the facial features of the patient to create the kind of look required. It's possible to come up with a more dramatic appearance following the procedure by using traditional make-up to enhance the end result.

In order to arrive at this level of personalisation, small amounts of different colour pigment are applied in the area of the eyebrows so that the perfect match is selected according to features, skin tone and your personal preference.

What about Maintenance?

Following the micro-blading procedure, some patients do opt to get a "top up" or colour maintenance programme once or twice per year, but the original procedure can last for up to 2 years by itself.

Is There Any Pain?

The procedure is relatively painless, and you shouldn't expect much discomfort, although a topical anaesthetic may be used at times. This is usually applied using a numbing cream. If you do experience any soreness, this will only last for a couple of hours.

Figuring out Your Approach

Get in touch with your cosmetic face treatment specialist in order to come up with a style and shape that best suits you.