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Amazing Tips and Interesting Ideas About Cosmetic Procedures

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Five Makeup Tips for After You Get Feathered Eyebrow Tattoos

If you decide to get an eyebrow feathering tattoo, your permanent makeup artist will give you care instructions for what to do after the tattoo. However, there are special points you should keep in mind regarding make up in particular. Here's what you need to know:

1. Avoid foundations and other makeup until your skin has healed.

The process of getting a feathered eyebrow tattoo involves your tattoo artist using needles to make small incisions and applying dye in those incisions. It takes between two and four weeks for your skin to heal, and during that time, the little incisions are still partially opened. To keep them clean, avoid using foundation, eye shadow and other make up in that area.

2. Do not use harsh cleansers and exfoliators.

Although it's important to keep the site of your eyebrow tattoo clean, you need to avoid harsh cleansers and exfoliating products. Harsh cleansers have chemicals that can get into your incisions and irritate them. Exfoliation is simply too rough for skin that is trying to heal.

3. Keep anti-aging creams away from your brows.

If you use anti-aging creams around your eyes, keep in mind that they may have ingredients designed to lighten your skin. If you apply them on your eyebrow tattoos, they could cause the pigment to fade. In other cases, these products have acids or exfoliators which are too harsh for sensitive skin. Delay use of these products until your tattoo artist says it is safe to use them.

4. Delay tweezing during healing.

Feathered eyebrow tattoos are about adding fullness to your eyebrows where they lack it, but in many cases, you may still need to pluck stray hairs around that area. Tweeze these hairs before your tattoo application so that you won't need to tweeze the area while your skin is healing. The pulling of the skin while you extract the hair can cause some of the small incisions to reopen and delay the healing process.

5. Use powder to alter pigment as needed.

In most cases, your feathered eyebrow tattoo is going to get slightly lighter or darker as the pigment sets, and in many cases, people schedule a follow-up appointment so that their artist can evaluate the eyebrows and add more pigment as needed.

If your eyebrows are too light or dark before the pigment sets or between appointments, you can alter them up slightly by brushing powder over them. Make sure the skin is healed first, but once it's ready, you can use foundation powder, brow powder or eyeshadow on the area until it reaches the desired pigment.